Scope of works:
  1. Construction of the basic 110kV feeder line.
  2. Housing for 110/15kV transformer.
  3. Housing for 7-bay switchgear SN 15kV AC.
  4. Housing for switchgear 3kV DC.
  5. Housing for a set of rectifiers, input voltage of 15kV. Installation of the cell (-)  and electronic ground fault protection device.
  6. Housing for switchgear 230/400 V AC.
  7. Housing for switchgear 220 V DC.
  8. Housing for the set of batteries, charging rectifier, and inverter.
  9. Construction of feeder cable line.
  10. Construction of return cables.
  11. Installation of feeder subordinations.
  12. Construction of the lines and devices for local and remote control with feeder cable disconnecting switch.
  13. Construction of the new traction substation building with LV installations and necessary infrastructures.
Status of the project:


Client: PKP Energetyka S.A.
Implementation period:

26.04.2022 – 25.11.2022