Realised projects

Engineering and installation works related to modernisation of PT Gdynia Redłowo traction substation

  1. Acquisition of necessary approvals and permits to enter the site in order to carry out the works.
  2. Construction and start-up of Gdynia RedłowoTraction Substation, along with land development works
  3. Preparing as-built documentation, including land survey.
  4. Obtaining a permit for exploitation of the newly built infrastructure in line with the applicable Construction Law of 07 July 1994.
  5. Construction and start-up of telecom/telecontrol system at the facility and executing the subordinations between the neighbouring substations,
  6. Performance of the required examinations, trials and tests.
Status of the project: Completed
Client: PKP Energetyka S.A.
Implementation period:

17.02.2021 – 28.06.2022